Hope & Wishie


If you give your wish to me.

Its keeper now I’ll be.

Together what we’ll do,

is see your wish come true.


Hope and Wishie are brought together through fate and love. Together they embark on an adventure that leads them to fulfilling Hope's greatest wish. This is a story of faith and encouragement. The message – to follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

About Wishies


Some things are meant to be

they are part of a larger plan.

As time passes you will see

many things are in your hands.


This Wishie was sent to you,

to guard your wish, to keep it near.
Trust in yourself, dreams can come true

believe and it just may appear.


Your Wishie comes with a pocket that holds a note for you to write your special wish down on. Write your wish and then believe in yourself. Your Wishie will guard your wish as you embark on a journey of your own.

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The Storybook

Hope lives alone on a small Island until one day fate brings her and Wishie together. This is the story of Hope’s journey to a place she can call home. With Wishie by her side, she comes to realize that anything is possible! This exciting 40 page story is filled with captivating illustrations.


As you read along you will discover how important it is to believe in your own dreams. By keeping your goals in your heart and mind, you can make them come true. As your new friend, Wishie will be there to guard your wish and help you on your journey.


Wishie (still in prototype stage)

We are in the process of creating a bright yellow
8” tall Wishie. This Wishie plush toy will have a back pocket and a note for children to write their own wish down on. Wishie can be brought along as children embark on their own adventures.

Wishie will come with a note
in the pocket for your wish

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